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Custom Services For The Way You Jeep

Customizing a Jeep covers a lot of ground, so Exodus offers a full spectrum of modification services for your JK.  From simple soft top installations to complete LS engine swaps, we have your 4x4 Jeep covered.

However you envision your JK, we will put our Jeep expertise, knowledge and experience to work for you in order to provide honest, personalized results. As veterans, we are proud to offer American-made products from the best names in the business.


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Build Packages

When it comes to customizing a Jeep build-out, some drivers know exactly what they want and the experts at Exodus can help them create that dream. Other Jeepers might be new to the Jeeping lifestyle, or prefer the simplicity that comes with an expertly curated package. For those drivers, we have put together a few rugged packages to get your JK Jeep off the road.



So, you bought a Jeep and now you’re thinking you might want to get it dirty, but you’re also not quite sure which direction you want to go long term. That’s ok because this package will get you off-road without breaking the bank, and will also give you some modifications that can easily be changed or used throughout even the most extreme builds.                                 

  • 33x12.5x17 Nitto Ridge Grapplers
  • EVO MFG 1.5” HD Leveling Kit
  • Rock Hard 4x4 Patriot Series “Boat Side” Rock Sliders


Starting to get a little more confident in your Jeep’s abilities and wanting to play a little harder? This packaged is designed just for that. You’ll sit a little taller and have the peace of mind knowing you’ve got the best ball joints in the industry carrying the load of those beefy 35” tires up front.       

  • 35x12.5x17 Nitto Trail Grapplers
  • EVO MFG Enforcer 3” Enforcer Kit With Plush Ride Springs
  • Dynatrac ProSteer Ball Joints


Big tires and coilovers are what every off-road enthusiast dreams of. This package is designed to give you serious stretch with an axle that can take just about everything thrown at it. Already have a Rubicon? No problem. We can take your factory axle components and swap them over, saving you some serious money. 

  • 37x13.5.17 Nitto Mud Grapplers
  • EVO MFG Enforcer Pro Stage 3 Suspension
  • Dyntrac Pro Rock 44 Front Axle


For the hardcore off-roader that wants a rig capable of going anywhere and tackling anything in its path.  We listed EVO MFG as the lift for this build but we also offer the GenRight JK Elite as an option. Either one is going to give you phenomenal off-road capabilities, however they each have pros and cons that need considering. Same goes for the axle packages. We always offer Dynatrac as a first choice, but we can custom build axles here in our own shop to satisfy any of our customers needs. talk to one of our exerts to see which is right for your needs. We love to talk about Jeeps!

  • 40x13.5x17 Nitto Trail Grapplers
  • EVO MFG Double Throw Down Suspension with EVO MFG Long Arms
  • 1-ton axle package