Custom Services For The Way You Jeep

Customizing a Jeep covers a lot of ground, so Exodus offers a full spectrum of modification services. From simple soft top installations to complete LS engine swaps, we have your 4x4 Jeep covered.

However you envision your Jeep, we will put our Jeep expertise, knowledge and experience to work for you in order to provide honest, personalized results. As veterans, we are proud to offer American-made products from the best names in the business.

List of Services

Lift Install

Our lift install prices start at $475 including parts. Depending on the lift size and the model of your Jeep the install price varies.

We have a lift install estimator for any JK model Jeep or you can find any JL lift on our website and email us from there. Of course we can add a lift on any model Jeep according to your needs. Just send an email now to get a free estimate.

Axle Build

We custom build axles all the time. We have fabricated the most advanced axles known to the Jeep market, but can also install a quality pre-fab axle for you as well.

We can build and ship directly to you for you to install or install them here at our shop. For pricing just send an email to get a free estimate or find any axle on our website and email us from there.  

Wheel & Tire Install

We sell and install beadlock wheels.  Email us for a quote.

Soft Top Install

We sell a ton of different tops for Jeeps. We install any top over $500 for free. Just find a top on our website (JK model) and email us from there.

Do you have another Jeep model or can't find what you want? We can purchase and install any top. Email us for a quote.

Complete Outfitting

When it comes to customizing a Jeep build-out, some drivers know exactly what they want and the experts at Exodus can do just about anything. Send us an email or find any part on our website and email us from there.

For Jeepers that might need a little help or if you prefer the simplicity that comes with dealing with an expert send us an email and we can get back to you immediately with options and pricing.


To re-gear a Jeep our price starts at $1300. We use all Revolution Gear & Axle parts. For pricing for a re-gear on your Jeep, just send an email for a free estimate.

Jeep Programming

If you have made any modifications to your suspension, drivetrain or even new tires you will see the benefits of having your Jeep reprogrammed. It's only $75 and takes little time. Give us a call or just drop by the shop.

Oil Change

All of our Oil changes are done with AMSOIL 5W-30 synthetic oil.

$65- Good for 5,000 miles

$85- Good for 12,000 miles

$105- Good for 25,000 or miles or 1 year w/AMSOIL signature series oil.

Give us a call or just drop by the shop.