WE ONLY SELL REAL OFF-ROAD GEAR. We will not and do not sell crap. All American-made, all high-quality jeep bumpers, tire carriers and license plate mounts. We have sifted through all the products that are not made for active Jeepers and what you have left is what you can trust. We do not overprice stuff just to look like we are having a big sale, that is not our style. The price on each product is the lowest price we can state legally, giving you the best price ALWAYS.

The factory bumpers on your Jeep are great for protecting your rig against rogue shopping carts. But on the trail, they're subject to getting ripped off or totaled on a single ride. A new bumper should be the first item on your list to upgrade for any trail-ready Jeep.

There are several kinds of Jeep bumpers, some of which are just more looks than true function. They're ideal for mowing over shrubs, but shouldn't be used for recovery. For that you want a well-made bumper that bolts onto your Jeeps' frame. 

Front Bumpers
Aftermarket Jeep front bumpers can hold a winch, lights and light bars, and recovery straps ready for towing. Because we choose bumpers only welded from thick steel, they’re super solid and ready for the trail.

Rear Bumpers
A rear Jeep bumper is the finishing touch on creating your trail rig. They protect your Jeep and can hold many of accessories like lights, winching points and even a winch. Any aftermarket Jeep rear bumper is going to be more durable than the factory bumper, but we take it to the next level and only sell what will not break easily.

Tire Carrier
Worst nightmare on the trail is getting towed out, or even worse, being stranded without a spare tire. The factory Jeep tire carrier isn't generally designed to hold anything larger than 33” tires without it getting really flimsy, so you're going to want a tire carrier that will hold your larger tires secure even in the hairiest trails.

License Plate Mounts
One of the most irritating mods to any rig is how to mount the license plate once you get that new bumper or tire carrier.  We have a great selection of solutions that are easy to install.

Whether it's a front bumper, rear bumper, tire carrier you can trust to buy your products at exodusjeeps.com. We don’t sell you crap and we don’t over price it either.