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The core of any custom Jeep shop are it's authentic customers. We build some of the coolest custom Jeep Wranglers because our customers ask for some of the most ruff tough rigs you can possibly get. That's ok, we enjoy the challenge. As a off-road enthusiasts ourselves, we appreciate good quality and service you can trust. We do everything from simple soft-top installs to your Jeep LS engine swaps. We are a veteran owned and run business, his name is Bubba and he served in the 2004 Iraq war with the United States Marines. Semper Fi!  

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Our site is also an online market place. We do this because we want to show you what products we recommend. We don't sell or install crap products. We want you on the trail and home safely. To get a quote is simple, just give us a call or email us directly from the product page you are interested in and we will get a free estimate to you ASAP. We offer free shipping for cart total over $150 and you can install it yourself. Visit our online store today. Soon your custom Jeep Wrangler will be climbing rocks and turning heads.

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If you are in need of a custom Jeep shop near you we like to think we are in the middle of everywhere. We are located in central Texas in the cool river town of New Braunfels, Texas. We are smack dab in the middle of Austin and San Antonio. Not too far of a drive from Houston or Dallas. We have a customer work area with free Wifi, water and coffee so you can bring your computer and get a few things done while you wait. Or you could always float the river with the locals! So if you are a Texan and you are looking for a custom Jeep builder, give us a call.  

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